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We believe our cakes and  treats speak for themselves!


Not only do they look amazing, everything we make must pass The Hungry Hummingbird test. Each of our beliefs are equally important and not ranked in priority so before they leave our stores, they must meet  our strict criteria.


TASTE; Everything must be knee weakeningly if buts or maybes.


QUALITY: All the ingredients must be of the highest quality to produce the maximum fantastic flavours. We do not believe in substituting cost for quality, ever, so we have tasted and tested all the base ingredients to find the most sensational flavours and when combined, make the most phenomenal treats. It realy is simple as that!


NO NASTY THINGS: All of our cakes and treats are 100% free from any artificial flaovours, preservatives or colours. This is not negotiable! We believe that if you follow the taste and quality ingredients rules, there is no need to any nasty chemicals or preservartives!


GOOD FOR THE SOUL: Being huge animal lovers and protectors, we try to minimise any negative impact wherever we can, so we use only free range eggs from happy chickens and absolutely no Palm Oil or Palm Oil derivatives to try and help stop the negative impact on wild life caused by the Palm Oil Industry.


SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS?: Fear not for The Hungry Hummingbird is here! We believe no man, woman or child should be left out by missing out on cake, so we bake cakes & treats to suit every dietary requirement, whether it be Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, sugar free or Vegan......and they all taste amazing too!



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