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Oh My Goodness…. These Cakes In Jars are sooooo delicious!


Prepared in specially designed heat resistant glass jars, our Cakes In Jars are baked and then sealed whilst piping hot, locking in all the moisture, flavours and freshness right in the jar……. This means you can have home style cakes at your fingertips at anytime, anywhere… All you need is a spoon!



Everyone deserves a treat…. Make it a great quality, great tasting, guilt-free dessert!


Made with only the best ingredients, eggs from happy chickens and absolutely no artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavours, Cakes in Jars are a convenient treat; free from any guilt causing nasty chemicals. 


Plus our environmentally friendly reusable glass jars means you can have your cake and be kind to the environment as well!



How do I eat them?


All you need to do is pop the lid, grab a spoon…. And enjoy!!!


Designed to be devoured at room temperature or slightly heated, when you are ready to eat your Cake in a Jar, simply remove from the fridge and allow to sit until it reaches room temperature. If you can’t wait that long, warm slightly by removing the lid and pop the whole jar in the microwave for 20-30seconds depending on your microwave.


Remember…. Because they are specially prepared, you don’t need to keep your jar in the fridge… You can throw one in your handbag for an afternoon snack or pop one in your kids lunchbox…



How do I store them?


They are so delicious that I challenge you to keep them long enough to worry about this, however… our Cakes in Jars can be stored either in the fridge or in a cool, dry place. All of our jars are designed to have a shelf life of at least a month. If kept in the fridge, you can extend the shelf life of your jars to two or three months….



Have your Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegan Friendly Cake… And eat it too!!


People with special dietary requirements need not miss out on scrumptious desserts. We have flavours for all dietary requirements and because we only sell products that we absolutely love, we can guarantee that they are just as delicious as all the other flavours!


This makes dinner parties quick and easy! Never again will you have to think about making multiple desserts to suit all your guests dietary requirements. With Cakes in Jars, you can have seven different desserts ready to go with no mess and no fuss!



Shipping Information


We can ship our Cakes in Jars Australia and World Wide. We charge a flat shipping rate for anywhere up to 5 jars using Australia Post Express Shipping for only $18.50. For larger or bulk purchases, please contact us for a personalised quote for the most cost effective shipping method.





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